Communication skills


Communication skills


Elocution is an important component of communication skills. Gestures are also important.

Gestures relate to language of the body. Indeed, various parts of your body and/or their easiest movement have capacity to communicate one thing. Once individuals observe you delivering some message from the pulpit of a stage before them they follow movement of your body that produces messages. You must learn to utilize it correctly. Parent should motivate children to take part in the school elocution competitions as it helps one in creating skills essential for one’s very life. If children engage in elocution contests organized by the school they are associated with some kind of self-confidence building process which is extremely necessary right communication. Usually the subjects of the contests are provided well in advance and also children get sufficient time to get ready. For this they must gather sufficient information and fit them logically and rehearse the topics a number of times. Throughout the rehearsals they should verify consciously if they are delivering the speech with confidence and interestingly and if they are successfully using his or her hands, focus and pouts with minimum locomotion required to stir the audience.


Occasionally kids are provided a few unseen subjects and ad-lib elocution speeches. It is a challenge and children should happily accept choosing one of the topics which may seem comparatively easier and convenient to impress the listeners. The little time which children will get should be utilized to form the continuous logic of the probable speech as well as to make the interesting introduction and winning conclusion. The information will work better if it contains wit & humor and details with a responsible tone and a good mindset prominently expressed always.


Poems for elocution have worth for consideration. Many people whom we esteem for their contribution in the sphere of theatre, film or such other performing disciplines have spent hours after hours in their formative period reciting from Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Browning, Whitman and Eliot. Their preparation in pronunciation to modulation has been assisted by the great works of the poets. Children may start with the wonderful nursery rhymes and gradually practice poems of Lewis Carroll, R. L. Stevenson, Robert Southey, Wordsworth, Edward Lear and William Blake.


Absolutely, achievements in elocution needs dedicated methods and mindful assistance of responsible and professional instinstructors.

Communication Skills
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