Elocution lessons in Johannesburg, are taught by various teachers trained in the art of speech and drama.  There are also various clubs, that one can attend such as toastmasters. 

 Elocution lessons in Johannesburg .  Barbara Gillman, who has a A.T.CL. (Associate), (L.T.C.L) (Licentiate) and

 (F.T.C.L.) (Fellowship), from Trinity College London, has an established studio based in Waverley Johannesburg. She trains students/learners/pupils in the art of elocution.  Elocution lessons start with the students learning about the correct way of breathing. Then, the students are taught how to relax when speaking. Barbara  then shows students all the correct ways of moving mouth and exercises.

 Elocution lessons in Johannesburg are  very important especially for a very shy /introvert child/children.  Normally when children are introduced to elocution lessons in Johannesburg, or anywhere else, the child/children are very nervous.  Barbara soon puts the child/children at ease, using fun techniques.  Fun techniques comprise of  bubble blowing, catching bubbles  etc. Through the bubble blowing the child/children are blowing air out, and so doing breathing in the good breath and breathing out using the stale breath. Feathers  too, play a very important role in elocution lessons, in Johannesburg , and other studios.  Blowing feathers on the hand and keeping the tiny feathers afloat, takes a lot of good breathing .  Relaxation skills are also taught in  elocution lessons in Johannesburg, and other studios. 

 Relaxation exercises can be taught with music,  dance, stretching, sitting and lying down.  Some examples can be    a child who is a frozen butter block.  She/he loosens up muscles by pretending that the sun is shining on the butter, and the gradual relaxation  is achieved. It is a fun exercise.

 Elocution lessons are generally fun, and educational, and it is essential for children to have this wonderful opportunity to improve their confidence, diction, and generally their self images. 

 ELOCUTION Johannesburg Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.

ELOCUTION Johannesburg: Expert voice coaching, confidence and presentation skills enhancement by highly qualified teacher held in Johannesburg or via skype.

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