Elocution Speeches can be whatever   topic the speaker decides to speak about.

 Elocution speeches clearly have to be prepared extensively. Research is so important to be able to deliver excellent  elocution speechs



Elocution speeches is something that the speaker has to really immerse him or herself in No one can simply stand up in front of a crowd and deliver a beautifully prepared eloquent speech without  any preparation.


Research today, is so much easier to do, as we can simply turn to the internet, google, and find out everything about your topic.  No more, does one have to go   to the city library, or school library,  to research. At  the click of a button, the lucky speaker has all the knowledge, he or she  need.



Once all the knowledge has been processed, and compiled into a speech, then, and only then can the speaker start the real preparation.


Elocution speeches can be funny,    convincing, debatable, or  serious.  Clearly the voices have to fit the speeches.   For instance , if the speaker is delivering a very serious, topic, the voice must be sincere,  convincing and very audible.


If elocution speeches are  funny  or light hearted, the speaker has to deliver the speech in a slightly higher pitch, and keep the voice much lighter in tone.


Various speech exercises have to be practiced with all types of speeches.  One of the important exercises is to project voice.   This is done by giving the student for instance, one line such as   Mr Smith, please come here,   then by taking in a breath,  in a slightly louder voice Mr Smith, please come here, etc, till a comfortable range is reached by sounding out MR SMITH PLEASE COME HERE.


This takes practice.  It is important to practice speech exercises daily to have excellent diction and  enunciation.





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