Public speaking anxiety is so common today.  People dread talking in front of others, for fear that they may be judged and ridiculed.  That is not so. Public speaking anxiety can easily be overcome by various techniques and relaxation. Public speaking anxiety is one of the phobias that so many people dread, yet, as mentioned, public speaking anxiety can be channeled into a very nice experience .  People entering into  the public speaking arena, can go to various course, and clubs, such as toastmasters, private speech and drama teachers, and online course.


The content of the speech should be carefully and methodically researched. Once the speaker has the content, he/she can then place  the speech onto cue cards, and start practicing to alleviate public speaking anxiety.

 Practicing the speech infront of a mirror, or in front of family or friends, is one way that public speaking anxiety can be channeled.   Long mirrors are brilliant, as you can watch yourself  speaking as well, as timing yourself, and looking  at your body language.  Timing is very important.  Speeches should be timed accurately, as , a public speaker who has not timed their speech can run into difficulties, should the speech be too long or too short. 


The day of the speech is also important.  It is important to have had a good rest, and to eat well.  One of the no no’s  for drinking, is anything dairy. Dairy creates  mucous, and is not advised when on stage.  Another important thing to avoid are any gassy.  Dress is  very important on stage. Make sure that the outfit you are wearing empowers and flatters you.  Make sure that your shoes are immaculate, and comfortable  Do some exercises, for the voice, such as  tongue twisters,  vocal warm ups, lip exercises, tongue exercises, and breathing techniques. Tongue exercises stretch out the tongue, up and down, try to reach the nose, and the chin. Sound out  the consonant   tttttttt, and for lips try these exercises.   Plip Plop, Flip Flop.

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