Barbara Gillman – Public Speaking Coach

My name is Barbara Gillman.  I am a fully qualified public speaking coach accredited through Trinity Guildhall London, having obtained all three levels of accreditation in the following: 

A.T.C.L.  L.T.C.L. and F.T.C.L.

As a public speaking coach, I thoroughly enjoy educating and training my students and corporate staff members.

For example, part of my technique involves demonstrating the benefits of relaxation and breathing exercises to all of my students.  This is achieved using notes, practical demonstrations as well as media and literature.

One of the next steps that I use as a public speaking coach involves making sure that my students understand the basics of voice hygiene.   For instance, it is extremely important to drink water and re-hydrate the vocal chords throughout training sessions.  There are also various things one needs to remember when engaging in public speaking of any sort.

As a public speaking coach, another important tip I give my students is never to shout or scream or even whisper since all three are harmful to the vocal chords. 

Once my students have mastered the basic techniques, I continue with diction exercises with the mouth.  Lip exercises such as plip plop flip flop, tongue exercises, i.e. stretching the tongue to the nose, to the chin, from side to side etc, and sounding out ttttttttt.

Resonance exercises are shown by taking in a deep breath, licking the lips and humming.  Humming pushes the voice to the front of the lips.

Breath extension is yet another important exercise. We  start students off with taking in a deep breath, sounding out one sentence, for instance the animals went into the ark one by one, then taking in a deep breath through the nose, and carrying on, the animals went into the arc, one by one and two by two. Then extending breath.  This exercise is performed approximately 15 times and enables one to comfortably speak either in public or in the workplace.


Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.


Barbara Gillman
Principal Member Voice Perfect
A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L., F.T.C.L.
(Trinity College, London)


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