Public speaking coaching is a an excellent way to get into learning all the techniques for public speaking

Public speaking coaching has many benefits. A child from about the age of 12 can start learning all the techniques for public speaking, and if the child is taught from this young age, he or she will reap the benefits, as they progress through their high school.

Public speaking coaching is also very important to an adult, who perhaps has all the public speaking fears. Most of the public speakers who attend my public speaking coaching classes mention that it is the most terrifying thing to stand up in front of a group or even a few people. They say that their palms sweat, the throat goes dry, and they can hear their heart beating.

When students attend my public speaking coaching classes, I immediately talk to the students first, and get them to relax through my various relaxation techniques. I use tapes which concentrate on relaxation skills, and also simple techniques like breathing skills. If one is relaxed, and has the correct breathing skills, the student will immediately start feeling more confident.

Voice techniques are then introduced into my public speaking coaching trainings. All parts of the mouth have to be used to create beautiful diction and sound. The lips are very important, so lip exercises are used and demonstrated. Tongue exercises are essential, and of course, the tongue exercises are demonstrated. One of the fun exercises for mouth is to pretend one has a large piece of chewing gum in the mouth and to chew and chew. This loosens all the muscles.

For voice musicality, I use a fun exercise, simply using two words. The student or learner is only allowed to use two words to talk to the trainer or other learners. The tone used for this fun exercise can be used in many ways such as sadly, excitedly, etc.

Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.

Barbara Gillman
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