Adults and children who wish to explore talking in public can enrol in a public speaking school near to them.  At the public speaking school, there will be teachers and trainers who are specialists in training public speaking. Public speaking schools offer training in public speaking at different times of the day. There are certain public speaking schools that offer training at night and also over weekends to accommodate students who are working or studying

At the public speaking schools the students are normally introduced to speaking in public through various exercises and breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques are demonstrated either individually or in groups. It is important to be able to breathe correctly in order to speak with projection and clarity.  Breathing is trained through the diaphragm. Students will be shown how important correct breathing and posture is for public speaking.

After the breathing is corrected and the posture is demonstrated students will be shown the art of relaxation. It is very important to be able to breathe correctly and relax.  Relaxation exercises can be numerous.  Some students will feel comfortable lying on the floor and breathing correctly, or sitting on a chair, or relaxing with relaxation tapes.

Once all the above have been mastered, the most important parts follow.

The articulation organs of the mouth are the lips, the tongue, the teeth, the teeth ridge and the soft palate.  Exercises for the lips are numerous. An example can be pushing the lips forward and sounding out pffffff, like a horse neighing. Then, the lips can be pouted as if sucking through a straw.

The tongue exercises are very important. An example can be stretching the tongue up to the nose, down to the chin, to the side up and down. Exercise the ttttttt sounds.

All these exercises work hand in hand.  Practice daily for excellent speaking.


Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.








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