A public speaking speech requires a great deal of planning. One cannot simply get up on stage and talk about a subject that has not been prepared, unless one is fortunate enough to be able to talk impromtu.

A public speaking prepared speech takes time to research, to put onto cue cards, deliver and time the speech.

The person delivering the public speaking speech has to be able to understand the topic very well. This will require Internet research. The topic cannot be copied as this is illegal, but, the speaker must be mature enough to read the contents and then paraphrase into their own words. Once the public speaking speech is ready it should be typed coherently and then read aloud.

Once the public speaking speech has been read aloud, the speaker should start preparing the speech onto the cue cards. The speaker must go over the speech until they feel familiar with it. Then, and only then, must the speaker put the key words onto the cue cards.

The cards must look and feel professional. They should be clean and neat.

The speaker delivering the public speaking speech should then stand in front of a large long mirror and talk into the mirror. The speech must be timed.  It must not be too long or too short.

The speech must not be learned parrot fashion. This is a no no, as the judges or adjudicators will know immediately. The speech should be spoken with sincerity, working on all the key words. Clarity of thought and diction must be present throughout.

Before delivering a speech, the speaker must practice a few techniques, such as voice warm exercises and lip stretching and tongue exercises.

Projection exercises too, as well as resonance exercises should be practiced, as the speaker does not want to come across as shouting. The speech should be convincing.

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