Public speaking training is essential if you are in sales, top management or even simply wanting to improve your self image.

Public speaking training is primarily trained by professionals who have hold correct qualifications, i.e.  speech and drama teachers who have passed the relevant exams through one of the accredited colleges, such as Trinity Guildhall, or LAMDA.

In order to achieve a public speaking qualification, one has to attend a practical course, or perhaps an online course.

Public speaking training will consist of : Breathing techniques, Relaxation techniques, and of course various speech exercises.

Breathing techniques will be demonstrated by the trainers. This is very important in the public speaking training courses, because, if breathing is not corrected, then the students will either stumble over words or run out of breath.

Relaxation techniques will of course be taught in the public speaking training courses, because, if a person is very tense whilst speaking publiclly, they will not be able to deliver the speeches.

Mouth exercises will be demonstrated. The shape of the lips,  and the exercise for the lips will be demonstrated. Exercises could include words like plip plof flip flob. Also lip loosening exercises will be demonstrated. An example could be pushing your lips out fully and sounding out pfffffffff (like a horse).!

Tongue exercises will be demonstrated.  The tongue plays a vital role in speaking and some of the tongue exercises could be to stretch out your tongue as far as you can, up and down and side to side, pretend you are eating an ice-cream on a cone, and licking around the ice cream, then stretching your tongue as far as you can.

TTTTTT sounding exercises are very good for tongue exercises.

Resonance exercises will be demonstrated in the public speaking courses, as tone is very important. An exercise such as licking your lips, taking in a deep breath and exhaling on mmmmmmmm enriches tone.


Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.






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