An elocution competition can take many forms such as entering the students who are fully prepared by the teacher.  This normally takes place in a public hall such as a school hall, or at a private venue (large studio).

What is an elocution competition ? Students will take part in the elocution competition by knowing their poetry, reading or public speaking, or impromptu speeches.  Prepared speeches are a very important aspect in the elocution competitions.

What is an elocution competition ? Students who have entered for competitions do not simply arrive at the hall.  Many hours will have been spent by the organizers who send out entry forms to schools and private studios.

These are normally sent out a couple of months before the competition.

What is a elocution competition ? Once the students arrive at the chosen venue, they register with the organizers. They are put into groups.  The organizer then puts the various students into the necessary categories.

These are normally very well organized.

What is an elocution competition.  In Johannesburg there are numerous competitions for students of school going ages. There is the N E A eisteddfod, as well as numerous school competitions, and of course private competitions which are held throughout the year.

The students who excel are usually rewarded with either certificates, trophies.

Every child in most competitions is rewarded with something.  The excellent children will have received medals or certificates, and even children who did not excel will receive some form of an attendance certificate. This encourages every child to work harder in future and try again.

I personally encourage all of my students who are school goers to enter for as many festivals as possible.  There is a huge amount of preparation for the children, and I have noticed over the many years of entering the students, how excited they become as the competition draws closer. Of course the nerves set in, but the children know through my various classes how to breathe and control the nerves.


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