Definition of elocution.

The noun elocution means voice production.

The definition of elocution, includes various parts of speaking.

This will include diction.

Definition of elocution and diction. Means the correct way to sound out vowels. It is a clear and concise way to make speaking beautiful.

Another definition of elocution is in the pronunciation. The way words are pronounced.

Definition of elocution, also encompasses public speaking. Public speaking is addressing an audience on a specific topic, or it can also be applied to the corporate world where experts talk about their specific role in the workplace with aplomb and authority.

Public speakers must deliver their topic with correct breathing, relaxation skills, as well as competence with their cue cards. All this is trained and taught within elocution lessons.

Modulation skills are taught in elocution. Modulation means a musical passage moving from one key to another. This is done through pitch of the voice, pace, phrasing and pausing. Some examples of pitch can be an exercise where you take one word for instance meat sandwich, and sound it up, and down, high and low, commanding, questioning etc. Pace of words is very important. If one speaks too slowly, or too quickly, this can be remedied, again by various exercises. Phrasing of sentences, means speaking is very good. This occurs through training and again various exercises, i.e. Training the eye to scan when reading, or being aware of punctuation when speaking.

Enunciation is the act of pronouncing words. Consonants i.e. b p d t etc. all have to play an important part in speech

Students who are taught elocution from a young age definitely will benefit right throughout school, and will have the confidence to stand up and speak clearly, concisely and audibly. It is essential for young children to be taught these basic skills.

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