PUBLIC Speaking class  is an excellent way to start off your speaking career.

In your public speaking class you will be shown all the techniques that will allow you to feel  comfortable and capable of delivering your speaking.

The first techniques you will be shown is how to relax your voice, and breathe correctly. In the public speaking class, the teacher will demonstrate how effective breathing and relaxation skills enable one to talk fluently.


Public speaking class is very important for you to be taught in a group, where you will all “grow” with each other in a nurturing way.

Some of the techniques that will be demonstrated will be correct breathing from the diaprahm.   It is essential to be able to breathe correctly. If you breath correctly, you will avoid the breathlessness that arises from shoulder breathing. If you breath and speak from our throat, you will get  sore throats, and not be able  to control breath.


 In the public speaking class you will be taught  delivery techniques, ie.  How to deliver your voice , either by projection skills,  and modulation skills, which consist of  pausing, pacing, phrasing, pitch, etc. 

 Breath extension exercises will be shown. For instance, one could take a deep breath, and recite  a  sentence such as   the animals went into the arc one by one,  taking in a deeper breath, one can then say  the animals went into the arc one by one and two by two etc.  Continue  practicing until  about  15 is reached.  This is an excellent way of extending breath for all speech interactions and communications.  This way, one will never end up  gasping for breath in public speaking

 It is important to use ones’ voice as musically as possible. Voice must be pleasant, not shouting,  not inaudible, and clear.  Exercises right throughout the public speaking class will be fun,   educational and  a  life skill.



Courses are offered in Johannesburg or via Skype.


Barbara Gillman
Principal Member Voice Perfect
A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L., F.T.C.L.
(Trinity College, London)


Offered in Johannesburg!

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