Public speaking exercises are essential for good clear diction.

 Public speaking exercises are a must for everybody who is delivering a speech, whether is is a prepared speech or an impromptu speech

 Public speaking exercises  are usually applied right from the beginning within classes.  Training and classes are usually given by qualified speech and drama teachers.

 Public speaking exercises include relaxation and breathing exercises.  These are vital so that the speaker can deliver the speeches with confidence and projection.

 Projection is really the most importance exercises (apart from mouth exercises ) for delivering a  speech.


For a projection exercise, the student can try cupping the hands together, taking a deep breath and speak,  trying an exercise such as   Mr Jones please come here, then taking a deeper breath and calling    Mr  Jones please come here, and so on, and progressing till the last sentence would be very loud and voluble.   This exercise should be practice daily.

 Relaxation exercises, and a variety of breathing exercises will be demonstrated by the teacher or trainer.  Such as  the student can pretend to be a very hard brick of butter frozen. Boiling sun is introduced, and the students can pretend to be melting in the sun, relaxing   shoulders,   spine,   body,  legs, etc.   It is a fun exercise.

 Voice and mouth exercises will be introduced.  Sounding out vowels, such as  A E I O U., shaping the lips,   projecting and many  alliterative exercises, such as   she sells sea shells on the sea shore.

 Mouth exercises can be pretending to have a large piece of chewing gum in the mouth and chewing and chewing , feeling all the part of the mouth move.

 Resonance exercises are applied by  the students licking lips,  taking a deep breath, and humming.  Humming is a very good exercise . Hum in the car, hum in the shower, and hum when you are happy.

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