Voice Coaching


Voice Coaching Fully Guaranteed Results – The most popular Course!

How to obtain a beautiful voice using correct breathing techniques, exercises and modulation skills. – Need Voice coaching!

Presentation Skills Training
Essential for anybody in the business field. Also Offering: Oral Communication, Team Motivation and Public Speaking Skills.

Do you Mumble, Speak too Softly or noisily? – You need voice coaching!

Develop a Vibrant Confident Speaking Voice Now by using voice coaching.

Duration: 8 weeks, one hour per week. Book a time that suits you. (Johannesburg)

Presented by Barbara Gillman who personally provides the course as opposed to potentially unqualified facilitators

Program Content (Voice Coaching)

✔ Relaxation & Stress Release
✔ Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing
✔ Articulation
✔ Pronunciation
✔ Accent Neutralisation
✔ Vocal Pitch and Variety
✔ Reading Aloud
✔ Projection
✔ Audibility
✔ Clarity
✔ Dealing with Particular Vocal Problems
✔ Building a vibrant and versatile Voice

Depending on what the candidate needs, the courses are approximately 8 hours, one hour per week. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Advantages of Using Voice Perfect for Voice Coaching:
All trainers are qualified speech and drama teachers or vocal coaches. Training sessions are interactive, educational and fun consisting of role plays, music and audio tape recordings. Voice Perfect is perfect for personal assessments and interactive group training. All attendees will receive certificates.

Voice Coaching
Barbara Gillman
Principal Member Voice Perfect
A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L., F.T.C.L.
(Trinity College, London)

Call Barbara today!
(011) 786 1850 or 082 344 4921

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