Voice Training


Voice Training

A number of voice training exercise routines as well as other forms of guidance are offered here.

Your vocal cords are muscles, and like any muscle group they can become exhausted and hurt.

The first 2 workouts are  aimed at relaxing off the muscle groups.  The others are centered around the vocal cords (Voice Training).

  1. Starting with your tongue on the right-hand side of your mouth area, create a shape of 8, so that your tongue goes across your top teeth, to the center, then crosses to the bottom teeth, along to the lefthand side of the mouth, then, up, and across the top.  Hold your mouth shut for this.
  2. Place the point of your tongue at the rear of your bottom set of front teeth.  Let your jaw drop and gently push out your tongue.  Repeat a couple of times.

The following voice training exercises are mainly for exploring one’s normal range and must be tried at different pitches, preferably gently undulating pitches:

  1. Innnnnnnng-uh!. This is mainly to discover natural resonances in your sinuses. Try words like: Ding, Ping, Zing, Ting. Hold the ‘i’ sound so that it will make your sinuses tickle.
  2. Bzzzzzz! – create buzzing noises like a bee.  The idea here is to find resonances in your mouth area and sinuses.  Try modifying the form of your mouth.
  3. Ga-ga! – Make baby noises up and down randomly inside your natural voice range.  Try with all the vowel sounds, for example. ga-ga, ge-ge, gi-gi, go-go, goo-goo


Voice Training
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