voice training tips

Voice training tips

Further Voice training tips exercises from previous thread include:

  1. Mmmmmm! – shut your lips, but pull your lips back into your mouth area over ones teeth. Make a humming sound, and allow your lips to loosen up, so they are just shut. Change the pitch of ones voice until ones lips begin to tickle. Hold this particular note for a while and subsequently find other notes / frequencies where this happens.


  1. Hah! – picture you are digging a hole (you need to do the actions too!): as you dig into the surface, exhale with a “HUH!” sound. Raise the dirt, and as you chuck it over your shoulder, make a “HAH!” noise. Repeat until it gets too silly. You can also exercise this by pretending to do Kung-Fu techniques – blows and kicks and the likes.


eight. Oooooh! – Slidey continuous journey upward and down your natural range – Okay, you need to wiggle your arms for this one: higher notes – arms up in the atmosphere, lower notes, bend your knee joints and hang your hands like a monkey.


nine. Me – me – me… etc., upward and down your natural range, for ages, for fun…, then all of the following: mah, mi, may, my, moo, mu. You can mix them up too.


  1. Yah! or Yar! – for this particular one, simply allow your jaw drop loosely to a free hanging – don’t force it open, perform this for a while – twenty times or perhaps so.


For more detailed voice training  training please refer to next thread voice training tips or contact Barbara.

voice training tips
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